What do I receive with a subscription?

Your VINEYARDLIVE PLUS subscription includes all of our conference videos, and more premium content like trainings, interviews and access to select School of Kingdom Ministry Classes.

What is free on Vineyard Live?

All of our weekend message archives and worship are available free.

I'm having trouble with the live stream, what can I do?

Our WATCH NOW page broadcasts live our weekend services each weekend.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your VineyardLIVE PLUS membership at anytime.  Just go to your ACCOUNT and click subscriptions and select cancel.  Canceling your subscription means  that they will lose access to your protected content when your next transaction is set to go through.  We are not able to offer partial refunds at this time (ie: you cancel half way through the month, your subscription is not half refunded).  If you change your mind at a later date you will be required to sign up for your membership again.

Can I watch on my smartphone?

YES! all of our videos are available to view on any internet connected device.

Will conferences be streamed?

Whenever possible, we live stream our conferences for those that cannot attend.  Live streamed conferences are typically not included with your VineyardLIVE PLUS account.  Live conferences have a seperate page and their own fee.

I live outside of the US, can I still be a VineyardLIVE Plus member?

Yes! Our membership includes international members.  If you are having trouble with our payment portal please email, info@vineyardlive.us and we would be happy to help you.

Contact info@vineyardlive.us for any additional questions.