More Love More Power Conference 2016:  Ken Fish, Advanced Topics in Healing: Integrating Healing and Deliverance

This workshop will present a framework for healing the “hard cases.” We will discuss a Scriptural and theological framework for healing in four aspects of life and present case studies to illustrate this approach to healing.


Ken Fish – Advanced Topics in Healing: Integrating Healing and Deliverance (audio)

About The Author
- Ken Fish is a native of the Los Angeles area and an honors graduate of Princeton University with a degree in History and Philosophy of Religion. He earned his Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary with emphases in theology and intercultural communications. He also holds an MBA in finance and strategy from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management. Ken’s material has been honed over many years, and he has a humorous teaching style that emphasizes both information and impartation. Ken currently runs Kingdom Fire Ministries.