MLMP 2021 – Grief Is a Bridge

“My grief was not a sign of unbelief, but a bridge to believe again.”
– Dianne Leman
 Enjoy this highlight from Dianne Leman’s powerful prophetic word on how God meets us in our grief and leads us stronger faith. Watch the full sessions here: More Love More Power 2021


About The Author
- After being miraculously healed of infertility, Dianne and her husband Happy left their successful careers and began The Vineyard Church of Central IL. Together, they have led for over 35 years, seeking to share Jesus’ love and the Holy Spirit’s power—here, near and far away. They ‘survived’ raising five children, 4 sons and a daughter, who have now given them 5 wonderful in-laws and 14 beautiful grandchildren. Dianne serves on the VUSA Executive Board and leads the Women in Leadership Network as well as the Spiritual Renewal Team. Whether it’s sipping a strong Starbucks, praying for a sick friend, watching a good football game, preaching a message, mentoring a college student, or just playing with the kids, Di is still learning to know, love and follow Jesus.