Truth & Purity

Putty unpacks how the letters to the seven churches in Revelation can reflect our relationship with God. Putty explains that God gently shows us areas in our lives that we are in bondage, but He also shows us that we are not alone in the fight. God has set us free and given us His authority. He will bring us back to Himself and bring us from bondage back into the authority He has given us.


About The Author
- Putty Putman is a gifted communicator with a powerful message of identity. Putty was pursuing a doctoral degree in theoretical physics at University of Illinois when God thrust him headfirst into the supernatural. After a dramatic supernatural encounter in China, Putty began to gather and train people in power ministry and pursuing an intimate relationship with God. What began with four people as a small group grew to multiple groups, then the first campus of the School of Kingdom Ministry, and now multiple locations around the world.